What to expect on clinic visits
What to expect on clinic visits
Before your appointment
Booking an appointment

To get an appointment to see our allergy doctors, you may choose any of the following options:

  1. Call our appointment hotline at 6772 2002
  2. Email our Children’s Clinic at Clinic_A_PSA@nuhs.edu.sg
  3. Request a referral from your primary physician’s clinic
Pre-appointment preparation

You are advised to stop all anti-histamine medications at least 3 days prior to your appointment, as these may affect the results of some tests which may be done.

On the appointment day

Please bring along your referral letter (if any), your child’s health booklet, any medical documents (laboratory results or medical reports) relevant to your child’s medical history and a list of the medications your child is currently taking (if any).


After registration at the Children’s Clinic A, your child’s height and weight will be measured. Please kindly allow for at least half an hour waiting time while we process your child’s registration before seeing our doctor.

Specialist Doctor consultation

Our allergy doctor will then see you and take a full medical history about your child’s condition. He/She will also examine your child and review all his/her medical documentation, laboratory results and current medications. He/She may then proceed to arrange for further tests to be done. These tests may be done on the same visit or a different visit as appropriate.


There are several allergy tests which may be requested by your doctor to help him/her diagnose your child’s condition. These include Skin prick tests, intradermal skin tests, Lung function test and blood tests (Specific IgE and complement resolved tests). The blood test results will only be ready after a few days to a week.

Doctor review

After the initial tests have been performed, your allergy doctor will then review your child again. He/She will:

  • explain results of the skin prick tests/lung function tests
  • Discuss the likely diagnosis and possible differential diagnoses
  • Offer further modalities of evaluation eg food/drug challenge
  • Advise on dietary modification (if needed)
  • Advise on environmental modifications ( if required )
  • Propose new or amendments to current medications
  • Provide an action plan (if needed) to empower the family and caregivers to manage any reactions that may occur in the future
  • Additional educational reading material will be provided
Specialty Nurse Review

You and your child may then be requested to see a trained allergy or asthma nurse, who will then provide detailed education regarding managing your child’s condition. This may include:

  • Training and return demonstration in the usage of asthma devices such as metered-dose inhalers, spacer devices etc
  • Training and return demonstration in the usage of Epinephrine delivery devices such as the Epipen
  • Reinforce the use of Asthma, Anaphylaxis or Eczema Action Plans
  • Education in specific food/drug avoidance based on your child’s diagnosis (if required)
  • Information about a planned food or drug challenge

The entire consultation process may take up to 1-2 hours.


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