Swimming Clinic @ SingTel Recreation

The Children’s Asthma and Allergy network (“I CAN !”) kick started their sports activities for children with asthma and allergies with a Swimming Clinic on the 21 December at the Singtel Recreation Centre.

The activities were led by Mr Ang Peng Wee, a swimming coach and ex-national swimmer, together with some of our current national swimmers including Mr Leslie Kwok and Mr Ernest Teo.

 The children aged 5 to 15 year were treated to a time of fun and games in the pool together with demonstrations of professional swimming techniques by Mr Leslie Kwok who himself is an asthmatic- certainly a very inspiring session for the participants and their accompanying parents. The objective of this session is to give these children (and their parents) an opportunity to experience the fun of swimming and encourage them to participate in sports.

 The “I CAN !” programme emphasizes the importance of a normal healthy unrestricted lifestyle despite asthma and allergies and wishes to provide the patients not only with knowledge but also the opportunities to experience some of these sporting activities through these sports clinics. Exercise is very important for every growing child, not only for the physical growth but also for psychological well-being. Children with asthma and allergies should and can participate in sports activities as long as their condition is well controlled. Swimming was chosen for the first session as it is well recognized that swimming is least likely to trigger asthma symptoms in susceptible children.


The “I CAN !” programme is planning to organize these sports clinics on a regular basis and will include a wide variety of sports activities. Do look out for our notices in the future and do join us in saying “I CAN !” to a healthy active life!


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